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Completed & Current Projects

We are building:

EYDB literacy program.jpg

Libraries and literacy programs

EYDB has built libraries and installed literacy programs at different non-governmental organizations that serve street and orphan children in Bangladesh 

300+ volunteers from hundreds of educational institutions and 8 countries.

Our projects would grant more than 5,000 underprivileged children opportunities for education and development.

Collaboration With

EYDB is excited to partner with Helping Hands Long Island! Helping Hands Long Island is a student run non-profit that creates and 3D prints prosthetics for those who have lost a limb. Helping Hands Long Island and EYDB will collaboratively provide prosthetics for street children in Bangladesh who have lost limbs.



Building Resources Across Communities (BRAC)


Girls Opportunity Alliance (Obama Foundation)


Alor Pothe Nobojatray (APON) Foundation

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Movers Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

OIP (1).jpg

Girl Up



University Committee on Educational Policy (UCEP)


Citi Foundation

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New York City Libraries

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